What happens to my waste?

So once you've thrown something away, do you know what happens to it?

In West Sussex there are three separate types of waste collected at the kerbside, and waste can be taken to the County’s Household Waste Recycling Sites.

From your homes

Mixed recycling
All the districts in West Sussex collect household recycling fortnightly. Your recycling is collected and taken to the Materials Recycling Facility in Ford, where it is separated, checked and baled ready for reprocessing into something new. For more information on what you can recycle and the recycling process go to www.recycleforwestsussex.org

Garden waste
This is an optional paid-for service offered by all the districts and boroughs in West Sussex. The garden waste they collect is taken to two sites, Olus near Henfield or The Woodhorn Group at Tangmere, where it is turned into compost. This compost is bagged up and sold to the public and to businesses at each of the Household Waste Recycling Sites in the county; a great example of closed loop recycling. For more information go to www.olus.co.uk or www.woodhorngroup.co.uk.

‘Black bag’ waste
What this website is all about! Your household waste is collected and transported to our Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility north of Horsham. At the facility your waste is sorted and separated using a variety of machines and over 120 conveyor belts. The aim of the MBT facility is to assist in the process to divert as much waste as possible from landfill. See Our Facility page for information about the processes or our Rubbish to Resource page for information about the outputs.

From Household Waste Recycling Sites

There are 11 sites in West Sussex and each has at least one general household waste container. This is so that when residents have a car boot full of recycling, they can also drop off any non-recyclables that won't fit in their household bin at home. If any recycling is spotted in these waste containers, site staff will try to pull it out. The rest is collected, driven to our MBT facility north of Horsham, where it is unloaded and put through the same processes as waste collected from the kerbside. For more information on where to find Household Waste Recycling Sites and what can be taken to these sites go to www.recycleforwestsussex.org

If you and/or a group would like to see the MBT facility for yourself, you can Book A Visit to come and see us. We can answer your questions and show you inside the facility.